Semesterkurs: Baby group meetings for children – English

Baby Group Meetings for Children aged 9-20 months (in ENGLISH)

Welcome to our Baby Group Meetings—a place for parents and their little ones to connect and grow together. Every meeting starts with a welcome song and ends with a goodbye song, creating a warm atmosphere.

During those 10 weeks we will be doing many crafts – mostly focusing on Winter, Spring and Easter themes. These activities encourage sensory development and imaginative play.

In addition to structured activities, there will be time for free play, allowing babies to explore and interact at their own pace. It’s a valuable opportunity for them to develop independence and curiosity.

Our gatherings also give a possibility for parents to exchange their experiences. This creates a supportive environment where the joys and challenges of parenthood are embraced.

It would be nice to have a fix group that is meeting every week however it is possible to join anytime (as long as there are free places) or come just once to check it out.

The meetings will be in English.

10 Weeks


No class on 28.03.

175 EUR/ 10 Weeks


18 EUR/one time

For more information, please write me a message:

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